Adborth Cyfranogwyr

Cefnogwch ni

Nodyn: Saesneg yw iaith swyddogol cynhadleoedd byd-eang yr IPA felly nid yw'r wybodaeth yma ar gael yn Gymraeg yn anffodus.

Here is a selection delegates' comments from the feedback we have received following the conference.

'A huge THANKS for having me to your awesome/wonderful/inspirational conference - i learned a lot and met so many wonderful people.’ Marc Bekoff

‘I very much enjoyed this 
perfectly organized conference.’ Lothar Krappmann

‘Wales was a great country to host this kind of event in - we knew that - but it surpassed all expectations. All down to PlayWales. It was friendly, courteous, helpful, informative, supportive and enjoyable. Thank you so much.’ Bob Hughes

‘I want to thank you all so much for the best conference I have ever attended. Everything was just brilliant and the attention to detail was remarkable. To be invited to participate and to spend 4 days with so many play people from across the world, to listen to exceptional keynotes and fascinating workshops, to spend social time together and to celebrate 50 years of IPA was a true privilege and just marvellous.’ Wendy Russell

‘I simply want to congratulate Play Wales on hosting so successfully the IPA conference, all done with its customary alchemical fusion of grace, efficiency and good humour.’ Bernard Spiegal

'This was perhaps the best conference I have ever attended. Certainly the most joyful one. Excellent presentations, informative and scholarly without being preachy.'

‘One of the best IPA World conferences I've attended.’

‘The presentations were all very professional and thespeakers should be personally congratulated.’

Cefnogwch ni